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How Do I Know When A Tree Needs Removal

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  • 26-04-2023
How Do I Know When A Tree Needs Removal

How do I know when a tree needs removal? Rushtons Tree Care are professional tree surgeons working throughout Preston and Lancashire. Find out more about the signs that a tree needs to be removed and when to remove a tree.

When to Remove a Tree

Deciding to remove a tree can be difficult. Felling is expensive and sentimental connections can affect your decision. If a tree is in a remote area, it can fall without causing damage. However, if your tree poses a threat to your property, you probably should remove it.

Signs a Tree Needs to Be Removed

Here we'll go through some of the most obvious signs you need to remove a tree from your property.


The Tree Is Leaning

Most trees don't grow straight up. They bend and turn to reach the sunlight. Your trees might also suffer trauma early on, causing them to lean. This can put them off balance and risk falling onto structures near to them.


Leaves No Longer Grow

Trees that don't grow leaves are usually dying. Whether due to weather damage, pests or an environment without enough nutrients, without leaves, your tree will die. Rather than letting it fall on its own, it's better to professionally fell it.


The Tree Is Dangerous

Trees can be dangerous in several ways. One which most people don't think about is obstructing traffic signs. Your trees blocking vital road signs could lead to serious accidents. Ensuring your trees are turned or felling will help keep people safe.


The tree is dangerous


Leaves no longer grow


Branches Dropping

Mature trees will usually drop their branches after bad weather. This isn't a serious sign. However, if branches start randomly dropping from your trees, there's likely a more serious issue. Whether due to disease or pests, your tree can become hazardous and should be cut down.


Neighbours Complaining

It's surprising how many happy neighbourly relationships can sour over a tree. In most cases, pruning will resolve a tree dispute. However, if the tree sits on the boundary between your two properties, roots can be a nuisance that requires tree removal.


The Tree Has Become Storm Damaged

While trees are strong, they can suffer storm damage. Large splits, broken trunks and uprooting can pose serious safety threats. If your tree is significantly damaged, you might want to consult your local arborist.


The tree has become storm damaged


The tree is too close to structures


The Tree Is Too Close To Structures

Planning tree planting is difficult. There's no telling how large they'll grow twenty years down the line. In some cases, pruning will save your property from large trees that are too close. Alternatively, you may need to remove the tree if it threatens your home or other buildings.


Other Plants’ Growth Has Been Stunted

Large trees provide excellent shade on sunny days. But this can leave vegetation on the ground dead and dying in the dark. This is called "overcrowding" and removing the tree can help to conserve the saplings, grass and gerns on the ground.


The Tree Is Rotten

Rot can be deceptive. Tree trunks can become completely hollow while the healthy-looking tree still sprouts leaves. As the tree weakens, strong winds can break the fibres holding it together. If you're unsure of your trees' condition, have your local arborist assess them.


Sprouting At The Trunk Base 

New sprouts at the base of your tree are a sign of distress. Your tree will have experienced serious trauma, leading it to try and grow in new directions. This is a serious issue and your local tree surgeon will need to remove your sprouting tree.

If you require specialist tree services in Lancashire, whether for pruning and maintenance or felling and site clearance,Rushtons Tree Care is here to help. Our professional team of qualified tree surgeons will be happy to help with all your arboricultural needs.